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Our Pastor

Raised in a Christian home near Dayton, Ohio, Joshua grew up learning God had a plan for his life. He asked Jesus into his heart at age five, received the baptism of the Spirit at age thirteen at Camp Dove (where he also met his future wife, Amanda, married in 2008), graduated from Union Pentecostal Church School on his eighteenth birthday, and accepted the call to the ministry at age nineteen while attending a youth retreat at Southern Ohio Pentecostal Youth Camp. 


Pastor Ritchie earned a Bachelor of Christian Education (2009) and a Bachelor of Biblical Literature with a Minor in Missions (2010) from Ozark Bible Institute and College as well as a Master of Education (2018) from Evangel University. 


He and his wife, Amanda served as youth leaders for two years at Miamisburg Full Gospel Tabernacle and during that time taught at Germantown Christian Schools, both in Ohio. Afterward, they served for over nine years at Ozark Christian Schools of Neosho, Missouri. While there, Joshua served as business manager, instructor at OBI, and principal of OCA. Together, they were OBI outreach directors for four years and taught at OCA for three years. Prior to coming to Brandsville Pentecostal Mission, the Ritchies served as assistants at The Pentecostal Tabernacle in Richmond, Indiana for one year. 


They are blessed with three children and strive to include their family in their ministry. Their desire is to build relationships with families by connecting with individuals and encouraging them in their relationship with God. 

Ritchie Couple Pic.png

Rev. Joshua and Sis. Amanda Ritchie

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